Questions & Answers

This section is designed to help you as a player and/or a team captain.

If you would like us to add in any questions and answers that you think will help you or your team enjoy a great night’s squash, please e-mail our Club Circuit secretary Tony Nash (use the ‘CONTACT US’ facility) and he will be very happy to add it into this section after review.

What is Club Circuit’s position on player behaviour and unacceptable language?

Please see the following document link and feel free to post this on your club noticeboard.


Court Conduct Player Notification

How do I logon to the Squash Matrix?

Read thru instructions in following PDF provided by Squash Matrix….


SquashMatrix – Quick Guide – LoggingIn

How do I find contact details for a team captain?

Simply follow instructions that can be found in following link:


How do I enter my team results onto the SquashMatrix?

You will need a SquashMatrix player login/password which is available to all current players. If you do not have this login/password simply contact your own club Match and Pennant Coordinator who will be happy to assist you. Failing this contact Club Circuit’s Match and Pennant Chairman, Brendan Perry (contact details in About Us>Committee Circuit Committee), who will be happy to arrange it.

Once you have your login/password to the SquashMatrix you will be able to upload your team results into the system while you have dinner.

If you are not sure how to enter a result for say a ‘Walkover’ or a player competing ‘twice’ please just contact your club Match and Pennant Coordinator or Club Circuit’s Brendan Perry as either one will be very happy to help out.


Follow instructions in following link on how to actually add team results:

SquashMatrix – Quick Guide – Player Results Entry

Do I need to be a member of a club to play Club Circuit?

This question is between you and the club you play for. Your club can exclude you from the competition if you do not pay your club fees.

How do I get to play Club Circuit Squash?

All you have to do is find a Club Circuit club that suits you, contact that club’s Match and Pennant Coordinator and away you go.

What ‘Standard of Squash’ does Club Circuit cover?

Club Circuit caters for all standards of players and includes both males and females.

Club Circuit has teams ranging from F Troop, which consists of both our ‘new to squash’ players and ‘elder statesmen’, then all the way up to the professionals in A1.

So whatever standard your looking for we have you covered.

What night do teams play on?

Club Circuit teams can play on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night depending on what night a team is looking for as their ‘home night’.

It is possible that teams in a grade will be spread across a range of these nights.

Prior to team selection you should check with your club Match and Pennant Coordinator and let him know what your ideal ‘home night’ may be to help with putting you into an appropriate team.

How do I make a serious complaint that may result in disciplinary tribunal being convened?

Should you wish to make a formal complaint about player/official/spectator behaviour, that may require a disciplinary tribunal to be convened, you need to be aware that the complaint MUST be received by Club Circuit’s Match & Pennant Chair, or Secretary,  within three working days of the incident occurring.

The complaint is to be lodged by your club Match & Pennant Coordinator and is to include a written summary of events as well as details of people and witnesses involved in the incident.


How do I make a general complaint ?

Club Circuit has a process in place and it has worked very well for many many many years.

Should you wish to make a general complaint about anything that will not result in a disciplinary tribunal being required, the first thing you must do is inform your club’s Match and Pennant Coordinator. He or she will decide whether or not to forward your complaint to the Club Circuit committee.

Should your complaint be forwarded to the committee, it will be reviewed at the next available Club Circuit committee meeting and a response will be sent back to your Match and Pennant Coordinator, who we expect will forward it on to you.