Award Requirements & Past Recipients

Club Circuit periodically invites clubs to nominate a single person for consideration of this award with the following criteria as a prerequisite:

  • Candidates must have participated with at least 25 years involvement within Club Circuit member clubs. Participation can be with several member clubs.
  • Candidates must have served on committees at club or executive level for at least 15 years.
  • Candidates must have a reputation of camaraderie and respect within Club Circuit both on & off the court over their participation period.
  • Candidates must have a demonstrated involvement in developing the sport of squash on & off the court. This can include coaching, junior development, administration & support.



Past Recipients:


Lou Dalla Riva (Veneto), Bill Henderson (MCC) and Tony (The Bentleigh Club) were successfully nominated in  2017 and were presented with their medals during the Club Circuit 40th Anniversary celebration held at the MCG ‘Long Room’ on 27/07/2018.

The attached picture (left to right) shows Tony Nash, Peter Wright (Club Circuit – Chairman) and Lou Dalla Riva.

Bill Henderson was absent on the evening.


Barry Taylor (St. Kilda), Jack Walsh (The Bentleigh Club) and Peter Wright (MCC) were the worthy recipients for 2015 and were presented with their medals during the annual MCC Dinner Dance held at the MCG ‘Members Dining Room’ in October this year.

The attached picture (left to right) shows Pierce Phelan (Club Circuit – Treasurer), Barry Taylor, Peter Wright, Jack Walsh.



The successful 2011 recipients were Ken Mitchell (MCC), Bert Armstrong (KLTC), Hec Bathurst(Navy & Military Club / RACV) and Ian (Boots) Harold (Hawthorn Club)

The photo below shows Ken Mitchell, Bert Armstrong, Peter Wright (Chairman Club Circuit) and Hec Bathurst.


Unfortunately ‘Boots’ was absent on the evening of the presentation but the following photo shows him proudly wearing his medal.