Club Circuit History

Welcome to the History of Club Circuit.

In 1978, 37 squash clubs turned out for the inaugural ‘Club Circuit’ squash competition.

The majority of the clubs originated from the ‘Central Metropolitan’ squash league playing within the Central Business District of Melbourne.

The clubs were an eclectic mix of entities coming from areas as diverse as the financial industry, football clubs, hospitals, yacht clubs, old school groups, law enforcement, state and federal government agencies, social organisations and elite private groups.

In 1979, ‘Club Circuit’ swelled to a record 42 clubs.

At the conclusion of 1980, only 26 clubs remained in ‘Club Circuit’ with some clubs facing court closures and some clubs electing to play on public courts as the 6.30 p.m. start time for ‘Club Circuit’ matches did not suit all players.

‘Club Circuit’ is a competition that has predominantly played within 15 kilometres of the CBD apart from a brief appearance of two Geelong based clubs in the early 2000’s.

58 clubs have competed in ‘Club Circuit’ since 1978. Of the original 37, six foundation clubs remain.

The traditions of ‘Club Circuit’ first enhanced by Jim Lambert over 40 years ago continue. Sportsmanship, strong and fair competition and an enjoyable supper remain the cornerstones of what ‘Club Circuit’ stands for. A vibrant committee, stable clubs and a playing membership that has a true love for the sport will ensure the game remains relevant into the future.


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