Jim Lambert Medal


Who was Jim Lambert and what does his medal mean? — A good question!

Jim was a small man, who loved sport, loved people and never possessed a car licence. After his discharge from war duty with the RAAF in July 1946, Jim was walking along Canterbury Road, St.Kilda when he heard some continual banging on the inside of a brick wall. Curiosity got the better of Jim so he entered the building to see what was going on and was overcome with the discovery of a new game called SQUASH, a marriage that lasted 61 years. In those early years squash was mainly played for recreation with pennant competition played only as a winter sport from May to September. Jim recognised the value of the physical attributes of playing squash and the camaraderie of good social contacts, two points that had a bearing on his later thoughts on the sport. After playing and administrating squash for many years, in the ever growing sport in different competitions, Jim had a vision of starting an exclusive competition of private clubs. This new competition would have an early start, decent suppers and good fellowship would prevail. In 1977 Jim became CHAIRMAN / CLUB CIRCUIT, one step closer to his dream. In 1978 when the inaugural team entry sheets came in, Jim primarily only accepted entries from private clubs which meant the non-acceptance of 46 teams (approx. 9 grades), unheard-off ! The ‘cast off’ teams were picked up by other competitions and Jim’s dream of starting an exclusive competition was now realised. Even though a lot of these inaugural clubs have closed for various reasons Club Circuit, and its founding values, still prevails to this day.

So the answer to the question…

  • Jim was the founder and preserver of Club Circuit until his sad passing in 2007, hence this medal in his memory.



VALE ‘Jim’ Hinton Aubury Lambert.

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