SportyHQ Help

This page has been added to contain documentation created by Club Circuit to assist in the transition away from SquashMatrix into the new SportyHQ system.

If you feel there is a process that could be included here please send a request to


SportyHQ: Grade ‘SPARE’ Player Trial


Each grade in SportyHQ has an option that enables players to nominate themselves as being available to be used as a ‘fill-in’. This option is called SPARES.

This option may be a potential solution that could be used to help clubs, with a limited player base, to find suitable fill-ins.


At the 2019 AGM it was agreed by all member clubs present that Club Circuit should continue this trial for SPRING 2019.


Currently we have ‘SPARES‘ globally locked out for players so players will need to send a simple request to

Club Circuit ( to get their name added to the required grade ‘SPARES‘.


See link below for a full explanation:


SportyHQ: What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

All known players in SquashMatrix were migrated into the SportyHQ system and new player profiles were created accordingly using data stored within SquashMatrix.

Follow instructions in the link below if you have forgotten your password and are unable to logon.



DO NOT create a new player profile !

SportyHQ: Allow access to my phone number

I have a player profile in SportyHQ and I want to enable access to other players so they can contact me via my phone or mobile.

How do I do this?


Follow the link below…


SportyHQ: Team match schedule

Where do I find my team’s match schedule and can I add it to my calendar?

Follow the link…

SportyHQ: Team match schedule

SportyHQ: Indicate your team availability each week

I am a team player and would like to be able to indicate my weekly availability for my team to see, is this possible?

It certainly is….

SportyHQ: TeamPlayer-SetAvailability

SportyHQ: Set Team Order & Email to players

I am a team captain and would like to be able to set my team order, within SportyHQ for the week’s match, and send those details to my entire team.

Is this available?

It certainly is…

Set Team Order and Email Players

SportyHQ: Team Contact Details & Grade Information

Where do I find contact information for other team players in my grade?

Follow the link below…

SportyHQ: Team Contacts & Grade Information

SportyHQ: Who can enter match results and how is it done?

Any player in a competing team will be able to enter match results into SportyHQ after they have successfully logged in.

It will be the usual responsibility of the ‘home’ team to complete this task.

Read on via link below:

SportyHQ: Entering Results

SportyHQ: Can I see what matches are scheduled at my club courts?

As a ‘Club Administrator’ I want to see what matches are being played at my club for the season, is this possible?

Yes it is but only because you are a nominated ‘Club Administrator’.


SportyHQ: ClubAdministration – Court requirements

SportyHQ Pennant System: Amending Player Profile Information by a Club M&P Representative

I have a player at my club and I have been asked by that person to amend some of their stored player profile information within SportyHQ.
I may also want to change or modify the state of a club player as well.

Am I able to do this?

Yes, but you MUST be nominated as a Club administrator in SportyHQ…

Club Administrator Amending Player Profile Information/Status